DARPA submersible aircraft is part plane, part submarine

New concepts and science breakthroughs are always interesting to read up on. That's why when I saw what DARPA was up to yesterday, I just had to write about it for you all. DARPA is working to develop a submersible aircraft. Yup, you read that right.

This project is currently in research stages. It involves combining the qualities of an aircraft with a submersible vehicle. Now, make no mistake: this is not a submarine that can fly. In fact, DARPA is stating this is a flying device first, but once in water, it could work like a submarine.

In theory, when the aircraft is in the air, it could dive into the water and then operate like a standard submersible. However, I don't think it could take a long jaunt under water, just in brief spurts of time. The biggest challenge thus far is combining the traits of both kinds of vehicles to operate properly. For instance, it would need to be light enough to fly, but heavy enough to be submerged.

[via Gizmodo]