Dark Souls III to crush spirits on PS4, Xbox One in April 2016

As the Tokyo Game Show has now kicked off in full, a few announcements about upcoming big games are starting to be made. Today it was revealed that Dark Souls III, the latest entry in one of the most punishingly difficult series of all time, will be seeing release in April 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. That date applies to the North and South American, along with European release, while Japanese players can get their hands on Dark Souls III a few weeks earlier, on March 24th.

Developer From Software first announced the title at E3 earlier this year, along with teasing an "early 2016" availability. Dark Souls III's release will come just over a year after the PS4-exclusive series spinoff Bloodborne debuted.

Dark Souls III mixes up the magic system that players are used to from the previous title. Instead of having limits on casting spells, the magic meter can be depleted by spells, but then refilled through the use of special items or when saving at a bonfire.

While the action-RPG series' popularity has grown rapidly over the last few years, players thinking of jumping in for the first time should now that the Dark Souls games are famous for their difficulty. A single mistake or mis-timed movement during the epic boss battles often results in death. The game's old ad slogan use to simply be "prepare to die."

Fortunately this level of difficulty has turned out to be attractive to gamers looking to master its techniques. Those looking forward to the torturing gameplay now have only a few more months to wait.