Daihatsu shows off cool cars for Tokyo Auto Salon 2021

Each year automotive manufacturers roll out some exciting vehicle designs for the Tokyo Auto Salon. While the vehicles can typically be seen in person at the show, the pandemic is still restricting gatherings worldwide, meaning the Tokyo Auto Salon will be all virtual for 2021. Despite the show being virtual, there are still cool cars to see, and Daihatsu has unveiled five vehicles for the show.

The company calls its display the Daihatsu Village Colorful Carnival with all vehicles under the theme of "new ways to have fun." The first vehicle is the Hijet Jumbo Sportza Ver, based on the Hijet commercial vehicle with the jumbo extended cab. The roof section was chopped off to create a roadster that looks like a mashup of a convertible, sports car, and pickup. The powertrain is assumed to be the standard 46 or 52 horsepower engine.

The next vehicle is the Hijet Jumbo Camper Ver, with the back of what's typically a commercial van converted into a camper of some sort. Exactly what's under the camouflage cover in the back is unknown as Daihatsu didn't share any information on the camper section. The Copen Spyder Ver is the second roadster the company has for the show. Essentially, the roof and most of the windshield was cut off the Copen, turning it into a dedicated roadster with nacelles behind the seats.

The coolest of the vehicles has to be the Taft Crossfiled Ver that takes the companies small crossover and turns it into a rugged-looking off-road vehicle. The little SUV has a raised ride height and all-terrain tires, along with a new front fascia with a winch.

The last of the vehicles is the Thor Premium Ver featuring D-sport components. The vehicle has a colorful teal and silver custom paint job and larger wheels, and an upgraded front fascia. Perhaps more specifics on the vehicle will be offered once the show kicks off in full.