d3o is future protective fabric

There's nothing like future technologies and Richard Palmer's d3olab has come up with a fabric-like substance that can seriously stand up to an impact. In fact, the rubber pads harden instantaneously from a gel to a shield when struck. 

This protective equipment is lightweight and doesn't have the typical bulky feel of kneepads, for instance. Professional sports franchises and high-end sports equipment are already utilizing the technology because D30-infused items can prevent bone breaks upon falling and also work to protect the joints.

However, d30 isn't a substitute for a helmet. They do offer outer shells and even a wool hat for skiers from Quicksilver that can protect your noggin' but it's not recommended to go helmet-less. d30 is an interesting technology and will very likely be incorporated into more sports equipment in the near future.

[via Gadget Lab at Wired]