D-Wave starts shipping massive 2000Q Quantum Computer

D-Wave Systems has announced the first sale of its massive 2000Q Quantum Computer, with the buyer being named as Temporal Defense Systems Inc. As well, the company announces that its quantum computing system is now available for commercial purchases and will be shipped out to any new buyers who take the plunge. The quantum computer, says D-Wave, offers 2,000 qubits as well as new control features.

This new quantum computer marks a doubling of D-Wave's quantum processing units' qubits, an achievement that took two years and is better suited to solving larger problems. Uses for this system span many categories, including things like cybersecurity, sampling, machine learning, and optimization, among other things.

Talking about the new quantum computer, IDC Program Vice President for high performance computing Earl Joseph said:

D-Wave's leap from 1000 qubits to 2000 qubits is a major technical achievement and an important advance for the emerging field of quantum computing. D-Wave is the only company with a product designed to run quantum computing problems, and the new D-Wave 2000Q system should be even more interesting to researchers and application developers who want to explore this revolutionary new approach to computing.

The company goes on to boast that its 2000Q model was able to beat state of the art servers by factors ranging from a 'mere' 1000 to an exceptional 10,000. This is based on benchmark problems based on real-world uses. In addition to shipping units to customers as of this quarter, D-Wave says the quantum computers are also accessible remotely for customers.

SOURCE: D-Wave Systems