D-Link unveils new PowerLine AV + Mini Adapter DHP-309AV

Networking company D-Link has announced a new powerline AV networking kit that ships with a pair of little powerline adapters. The kit is model number DHP-309AV and is designed to help you get network connectivity into just about any part of your home without having to rely on Wi-Fi signals. The adapter kit comes with a pair of the powerline adapters.

As with any powerline networking gear, one of the adapters connects to your router and shoots Internet connection across the powerlines of the home or office to the other adapter. The second adapter is connected to a computer or other device needing Web access. These adapters are compact in size so they don't block the second outlet at the wall plug.

Many larger powerline network adapters block both outlets making it difficult to plug other things in near your router. The starter kit ships with Ethernet cables needed for connecting at both ends of your powerline network. The adapters also support 128-bit AES encryption network security.

D-Link says that the adapters need no set up and offer a plug-and-play installation. One of the best features of this new PowerLine AV+ Mini Adapter Starter Kit is the price. The kit is available right now for $59.99 in retail stores and online.