D-Link to spin off MiiiCasa

It's hard to say when a major corporation spins off a part of its business into a stand alone company if it is a good or a bad thing. It might be good if the spin off is to make the part of the company that is doing well look even better. However, it can be bad if the spin off is because the part of the business is dragging the rest down and making the numbers look bad for shareholders. D-Link has announced that it is spinning off the miiiCasa business unit.

MiiiCasa is a cloud software that is running on some of the D-link routers and allows the user of the router to stream all sorts of content like video and audio around their home to other miiiCasa enabled devices. The service sounds a lot like a cloud hosting environment for your home that can shoot all your content out to TVs, tablets, computers, and notebooks. Basically you put your content on the miiiCasa device and then share it around the home.

D-Link is turning the miiiCasa unit into a standalone business unit for now and will complete the spin off later. D-Link branded devices will continue to be offered using the miiiCasa services. It sounds like D-Link may be positing miiiCasa to be offered to other hardware makers, which would make this good news.

[via DigiTimes]