D-Link Debuts "Amplifi" Family Of Premium Home Networking Products

With all the gadgets and entertainment devices in our homes these days that all need to connect to the internet or each other, reliable and high performing networks are no longer just the realm of businesses. D-Link has just unleashed a family of premium home networking products called Amplifi that aims to bring a best-in-class solution to tackle the connectivity needs of today's homes.

The D-Link Amplifi family of products includes the HD Media Router 1000 with HD Fuel, the Whole Home Router 1000, Wi-Fi Booster with exclusive SmartBeam, and PowerLine products. Together, they allow for high bandwidth HD traffic and streaming.

The Amplifi HD Media Router with HD Fuel manages traffic and optimizes connections with a speed up to 300Mbps to give priority to high-bandwidth entertainment. The Amplifi Wi-Fi Booster enhances your existing router's wireless signal to help push the signal to the farthest corners of your home.

Amplifi Whole Home routers optimize home wireless network bandwidth to handle HD video streams, large media file downloads and online gaming for multiple devices at the same time from anywhere in your home. The PowerLine products uses existing electrical wiring in your home to deliver extra bandwidth and works simply by plugging the device into any conventional power outlet.

More information on D-Link's Amplifi products is available on their product page. The family of products will be available through their online store as well as through retailers such as Fry's and Micro Center. Below is the pricing for the individual Amplifi products:

· HD Media Router 1000 (DIR-657) – available now for $149.99

· Wi-Fi Booster (DAP-1525) – available now for $159.99

· Whole Home Router 1000 (DIR-645) – available in August for $119.99

· DHP-500AV Adapter – available now for $99.99

· DHP-501AV Starter Kit (two adapters) – available now for $159.99

· DHP-540 Four-Port Gigabit Switch – available now for $199.99