CybertronPC CM900 is an Eee, but with a higher price tag

James Allan Brady - Jan 28, 2008

The full specs are an Intel Celeron M processor 353 running at 900MHz with a 512KB L2 cache and a 400MHz FSB. There is the same half gig of DDR2, 910GML Intel graphics, and 2GB of SSD storage.

It’s the same 800×480 7-inch screen too. Honestly, other than a slightly different appearance, it’s the same damn thing, the only difference, is that I doubt there will be anywhere near the community surrounding the CM900 as there is surrounding the Eee.

If you still want one though, its $50 more than the 2G Eee, which sells for $299, making this notebook $349. I guess you could always claim you paid more for yours, that’s about the extent of the bragging rights with this notebook.

[via gadgetell]

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