Cyberpunk game Stray trailer: Watch five minutes of cat gameplay

During an event last summer, Sony introduced Stray, a new game that will arrive on the PS4 and PS5 consoles in 2022. The game's main character is a stray cat, which players take control of to navigate through a futuristic cyberpunk city while injured. Fast-forward to this week and we've gotten our first long look at the game via a gameplay trailer.Stray looks like an incredibly fun twist on the cyberpunk genre, one where people get to navigate a futuristic world as a stray, injured cat. The title comes from Swann and, assuming there aren't any delays, it'll be available to play early next year. The latest trailer shows five solid minutes of gameplay.

Players get a look at the game's physics and interactive elements, as well as the world from a cat, not human, point of view. During gameplay, the players will be tasked with solving puzzles to reveal new mysteries and make their way through the hazardous city. We see the cat knocking over pots, climbing up buildings, and facing enemies in empty subways.

A flying drone called B-12 will accompany the player to interact with elements a cat wouldn't be able to manipulate, such as a safe. Despite its futuristic companion, the "cat will always be a cat," according to the gameplay trailer, which shows it doing things like scratching the arm of a sofa.

Though we don't know the exact release date and other details like price yet, Stray is closer than ever to launch. This is one of the most interesting titles announced for the PlayStation 5 console so far, though you'll also be able to play it on the PS4 and Windows PCs.