Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.3 full patch notes revealed with free DLCs

Yesterday, the folks at CD Projekt Red revealed a handful of changes that will ship along with Cyberpunk 2077's incoming 1.3 update. If you were a little underwhelmed by the changes CD Projekt Red chose to focus on, then we've got some good news for you: the full patch notes for version 1.3 have been revealed, and they're very long. Of course, that means there are a ton of fixes and optimizations shipping along with this update, which should make any Cyberpunk 2077 fan happy.

However, we aren't just getting fixes and optimizations in update 1.3. We're also getting a few free DLCs, and even though they aren't anything major, they're still worth noting. There are three DLCs in all, including an alternative appearance for Johnny Silverhand that can be enabled in the settings menu under "Additional Content."

We're also getting a pair of new jackets – the Multilayered Syn-Leather Deltajock Jacket and the Luminescent Punk Jacket – that will be available in the stash in V's apartment once you complete The Ride. Finally, the update will add the Archer Quartz "Bandit," which players will receive as a quest reward for the Ghost Town quest, depending on the choices they make during it. If you don't receive it as a reward, it will be available for purchase as well, so there's no fear of missing out.

Aside from the DLCs, Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a ton of fixes and improvements with this update. When we say "a ton," we mean it too – the full patch notes for update 1.3 are incredibly long, and it's quite possible that this update is Cyberpunk 2077's biggest yet. For instance, there are dozens upon dozens of quests and gigs that have been changed with this update, and the lengthy section detailing those changes is just one of many.

So, if you want to read through the entire list of changes, you'll definitely want to clear your schedule for the night because it's going to take a long time to get through them. Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.3 is coming to PC, consoles, and Stadia at some point shortly, but for now, CD Projekt Red hasn't announced when. We'll keep an eye open for more news on when the patch will be going live, so stay tuned for more.