Cyberpunk 2077 hotfix 1.04 brings bug fixes and adjusts flashing lights

CD Projekt has released a hotfix for its highly anticipated and newly launched game Cyberpunk 2077. Hotfix 1.04 is currently available for PC and PlayStation consoles, but it won't be available on Xbox for a bit longer. With this update comes a huge number of bug fixes, as well as a few tweaks and improved stability.

The hotfix 1.04 bug fixes primarily revolve around quests, including fixes for issues related to starting conversations and select other NPC problems, as well as issues with certain quest completion bugs related to missions like "Automatic Love" and "Following the River."

Beyond that, the devs say they've also fixed the preview bug involving weapon crafting, the game now switches more quickly from FPV to third-person view when the player is in a vehicle, vehicle appearance pop-in has been visually reduced, and some missing animations have been fixed. As expected, the hotfix also addresses concerns about flashing lights triggering seizures in players who have epilepsy.

Streamers will be happy to know that hotfix 1.04 removes the copyrighted music that was still present when users disabled those soundtracks to avoid copyright strikes on streams. Focusing specifically on PC, the hotfix now sets the game to the Steam client's language setting as default.

Finally, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will benefit from improved reflections. Xbox players, in particular, will find the "Wastelands" achievement is no longer stuck at 97-percent and for Xbox owners in the Americas, the update also fixes the missing PT-BR V0.

You can view the full Cyberpunk 2077 hotfix 1.04 changelog here.