Cyberpunk 2077 gets jaw-dropping CGI trailer

We've seen a lot of really cool game trailers in our time, but only a few them are really capable of getting gamers to gush. This new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, an upcoming game made by The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red, might just one of those trailers. It's an all-CGI trailer, which definitely turns some gamers off, but the visuals are so great that it's nearly impossible to ignore.

The trailer focuses on an android woman after she has apparently murdered a rather large number of people. More specifically, the trailer focuses on her encounter with the police after the killings occur. The police shoot their guns at her, but the bullets don't seem to do any damage outside of leaving scuffs and scratches. We're not sure why the police keep shooting after those first few bullets glance off, but that's drama for you.

All of this is happening in slow motion, which really gives you the opportunity to appreciate the stunning visuals. The trailer seems to be dividing gamers – while some love it, others don't think it's anything special due to the fact that it's a CGI trailer instead of a gameplay trailer. Though it's true that the title almost certainly isn't going to have in-game visuals anywhere close to the level of detail we see in the trailer, it's still very exciting to get our first glimpse at one of CD Projekt Red's upcoming projects.

The new title is based on the popular pen-and-paper game of the same name, which already has some fans stoked. Even better is that CD Projekt has included a short message at the end of the trailer that instructs gamers to look for a new announcement on February 5, 2013. It looks like we're going to get the long-awaited reveal of The Witcher 3 on that date, so that's definitely something worth staying tuned for.