CVS opens its first COVID-19 test site, but it's only for some people

Days after its initial announcement, CVS has revealed that it is launching COVID-19 testing sites in the state of Massachusetts. The testing sites will be located at CVS facilities in the state where 'a limited population' can go and get tested for the new infectious disease. The testing sites are being launched in 'close coordination' with the US Public Health Service, US Department of Health and Human Services, and more.

COVID-19 is the name of the respiratory disease someone may develop after coming in contact with the new novel coronavirus causing outbreaks around the world. Testing to determine whether someone has this disease is still limited in the US due to the government's slow response, but things are gradually changing.

CVS, a company best known for its pharmacies, also runs a number of small health clinics in some of its stores. These clinics provide some basic health services to local residents, including things like writing certain prescriptions and simple health testing. COVID-19 testing is now one of the offered services at certain CVS destinations in Massachusetts.

In its announcement on Thursday, CVS said that it will start the testing at the CVS Pharmacy located in Shrewsbury — specifically, the testing will take place in the parking lot. Other testing sites will open at other CVS locations — likewise in the parking lot — after some data on any potential issues is gathered from the initial testing site.

CVS is initially limiting the tests to health care workers and first responders in order to help protect both them and the public that relies on them. The company warns that local residents shouldn't walk or drive up to the testing site at launch in hopes of getting a test — more information on expanded availability will be made available to the local media in coming days, according to the company.