Custom PS3 controller fitted inside an Xbox 360 controller

Some people have a lot of time and skill that just let it go to waste. Ben Heck is not one of those guys. He seems to have plenty of both (if you've got the money, he's got the time). His latest project was to take a SIXAXIS controller and stuff it into an Xbox 360 controller.

Whoever commissioned Ben to make these must love the feel of their 360 controller. We don't know how much they paid, but Ben has stated that if he makes more they will probably be cheaper, but still cost hundreds of dollars. And the guy already had him make two!

I enjoy trying my hand at modding, but I hate dealing with those tiny little wires. You need a really steady hand, and you don't exactly get a ton of room inside of a controller. The finished product looks great. I hope that he decides to do a how-to on this one!

PS360 Controller [via kotaku]