Custom Kia GT-C Convertible is a one-of-a-kind

The car seen in the image below started life is your run-of-the-mill Kia Stinger. It's not your run-of-the-mill Stinger anymore as it has been converted into a one-of-one concept convertible specifically for City Kia of Greater Orlando. The conversion was done by their in-house Motor Vehicle Performance department and was revealed this month at the Festivals of Speed at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Hotel.The dealership and its in-house customization department worked with an experienced coachbuilder called Drop Top Customs, and a SEMA show project designer Aaron Vaccar. The build team also had sponsorships from aftermarket manufacturers for parts packages for specialty vehicles, including AEM, Axe Wheels, Eibach, Mishimoto, Katzkin, Strictly Business, Toyo Tires, Turbo XS, RaceChip, and others.

Along with chopping the top off the car, the vehicle was also fitted with lots of exterior restyling parts, including a multi-piece carbon fiber body kit. The car rolls on 20-inch forged wheels and has lowered suspension. The interior was customized with bespoke leather.

Along with visual upgrades, the Stinger also gets improved performance from the twin-turbo engine with upgraded air intakes and cooling, engine tuning, and a high flow exhaust system with unique rectangular tips. For anyone interested in a convertible Stinger, the company says it's unclear if it will produce this car for purchase or what the price might be.

We bet anyone with deep enough pockets who has to have a droptop Stinger could probably talk the dealership into building one. There's also no indication of performance or exactly what sort of chassis stiffening was done to the vehicle. You can't simply cut the top off of a sedan without bracing the chassis, so it was certainly done.