Custom iPhone 4 Features Diamonds and T-Rex Tooth, Costs $62,700

Outlandish iPhone cases have been around for as long as anyone can remember. At least, as long as iPhones have been around. And while some of them may actually be worth the cost of buying it, there are others that, despite the "features" thrown in, the price tag causes more cardiac arrests than wallet reaching. This new design from Stuart Hughes is called the HISTORY Edition, and there's plenty of history going on here — and you can make it all yours, if you're ready to drop a small fortune on it.

So, what's so special about the HISTORY Edition iPhone 4 from Stuart Hughes? Well, this particular iPhone 4 features 8.5ct internally flawless diamonds that are put around the entire bezel of the device. The diamonds also cover up the Apple logo on the back of the handset. But that's not all. You won't find the regular iPhone 4's rear panel installed on this device. No, instead, you'll realize with a simple touch that the back of the smartphone has been given a finish made from meteor pieces. And, a T-Rex tooth.

There's only 10 of these bad boys made in the world, which obviously hikes up the price even more. Not that it wasn't already ridiculous. As the title suggests, you'll have to have $62,700 lying around, ready to go, if you want to make one of these 10 iPhone 4 HISTORY Editions yours. Or, you could just go for the $20,000 diamond-covered iPhone 4.

[via OhGizmo!]