Custom arcade cabinet

One of the things I miss about my childhood is going to the arcade. We used to have one inside our mall, but when they converted it into a strip mall, the arcade disappeared. So now I'm determined to build my own arcade machine, purely for nostalgic reasons.

This guy also misses playing in his arcade back home and decided to create a cabinet that is supposed to resemble a Japanese head-to-head arcade machine. I've never played in a Japanese arcade, so I've never really seen what their machines look like. But this one does look pretty cool.

How many of you out there have built your own custom gaming cabinets? What type did you build, and if you had the chance, would you have built it differently? Sometime in the near future I'm going to make one of my own. I'll be sure to share my experience with you when I do.

Custom Head-to-Head Style Gaming Cabinet [via kotaku]