Curiosity’s latest Mars discovery: a floating ‘spoon’

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 1, 2015, 6:27pm CDT
Curiosity’s latest Mars discovery: a floating ‘spoon’

NASA’s Curiosity rover keeps snapping pictures of things that look like other things, and some people insist it’s all proof of a grand conspiracy and/or aliens. We haven’t actually stumbled upon an alien yet (at least as far as we’ve been told), but we have come across rocks that look like rats, crabs, a woman, a pyramid, pieces of old houses, and whatever other images your brain forms from the rumble. And now, a spoon…but not just any ol’ spoon.

Rather, Curiosity, NASA’s space rover that’s roaming the Red Planet, snapped a picture of what appears to be a perfectly formed soup spoon floating in the air. NASA, of course, chalks this up to being another case of pareidolia, but it’s okay to let your imagination roam a bit.

You can view the full unadulterated image on NASA’s website here. Having trouble spotting it? The spoon is in the bottom third of the image just left of center. It appears the object was first spotted by the folks over at Unmanned Spaceflight.

No one could be blamed for thinking it is a floating spoon; after all, that’s exactly what it looks like. Still, a careful doubt take will reveal that the top of the “spoon” is affixed to the nearest outcropping of rock, which is how it is suspended in the air. Given that Mars is full of rocks of all shapes and sizes, it isn’t surprising humanity has stumbled upon another curiously shaped object, and surely there’ll be more to come.

VIA: Discovery News

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