Cups made from Jell-O are perfect for summer picnics

Shane McGlaun - Jul 26, 2010
Cups made from Jell-O are perfect for summer picnics

Jell-O is the ubiquitous desert that is a staple at all sorts of institutions raging from the elementary school cafeteria to the old folks home. The jiggly and fruity treat is typically served in squares or bowls. A new Jell-O use is being shown off as the result of the second annual Jell-O Mold competition in Brooklyn, New York.

A group of designers from The Way We See The World got together and crafted cups for drinking out of that are made from Jell-O. The cups appear to be semi ridged and come is some really gross sounding flavors. They are in flavors like lemon-basil, ginger-mint, and rosemary-beet. I could see these working well for picnics with kids if they were in flavors kids would like such as grape and cherry.

Having cups that you can eat once you are out of drink is a great way to keep plastic and paper cups from landfills. The downside I see is that on hot Texas summer days the things are sure to melt.

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