Cube Speaker fits in your hand

Wow. This thing is tiny. The Cube Speaker is made by Landport, a Japanese company, and apparently the tiny audio output device can fit within the palm of your hand. So for those that want audio on the go, but want to limit the bulk by as much as possible, this may very well be the way to go.

The Cube Speaker measures in at 26mm x 26mm (hence the "cube" moniker). It only weighs 16 grams and can work with a ton of devices due to its 3.5mm jack. Its output is a meager 0.8 watts, but what do you expect? This thing is tiny!

With a lithium-ion battery built-in, this speaker can be charged up by means of a USB port. It order to obtain a full charge, you'll need to leave it plugged in for two hours. From this, you can expect between four to five hours of audio. The Cube Speaker from Landport will be available in December in white, pink and black for $25 in Japan. We don't know if this cute speaker will be available in other countries yet, but we'll keep you updated.