Cube demos WebGL using Google Maps

Google may have a little fun with search occasionally, and now the company has created a dedicated game based around Google Maps. It's called Cube, and is essentially a browser-based version of Labyrinth that uses real world maps. It's controlled using your mouse, with movements shifting the balance of the cube as you try to navigate the blue ball towards the designated targets.

It starts out simple enough, but as you move through the eight levels, you're required to pay attention to busy roads and underground lines to try and achieve the fastest time possible. Your time is recorded at the end of each level, so there's a little incentive there for you to keep re-trying to achieve the best score possible.

It's a neat little demo of WebGL and HTML5 technology, although the cynic within can't help but notice the little infomercials while levels are loading promoting Google Maps. You won't be able to play it on mobile devices either – this seems to be cutting edge stuff, so you're restricted to your desktop or laptop with a WebGL browser and compatible graphics card. Still, it's an amusing way to kill a few minutes. Head on over to this link to give it a try.

[via Fusible]