Crytek The Collectables mobile game announced

Shane McGlaun - Dec 12, 2013
Crytek The Collectables mobile game announced

Crytek made its name on the back of some of the coolest video games for the PC and console on the market like Crysis. Crytek also has a free to play game for PC players called Warface. Crytek has announced that it has teamed up with a company called DeNA to launch its first mobile free to play game. The new mobile game is called The Collectables.

Crytek and DeNA will make the game available to mobile gamers on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices via the DeNA mobile games platform Mobage. The Collectables uses Crytek Cryengine technology promising impressive mobile graphics.

The game play blends action and tactics as the player takes lead in a squad of soldiers using unconventional members. Crytek says that the game features “over-the-top” gunfights and lots of action. The players will be able to upgrade their weapons and abilities as they play.

Crytek also promises diverse enemies, lots of rewards to unlock, and 3D battlefields. The game will launch in 2014 and is a free to play title. People interested in the game can pre-register now to be alerted when it launches next year.

SOURCE: The Collectables

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