Crytek teases Ryse for E3, coming exclusively to Xbox One

Crytek's latest games, called Ryse, had been announced in the past, but very few details were unleashed at that point. Then again, details are still scarce today, but we at least now know that the Kinect-enhanced hack-and-slash game will be coming exclusively to the Xbox One and will be officially unveiled at E3 next month.

The teaser site has a countdown, which ends on June 10. At that time, Crytek will reveal more about the game during a press conference at E3. Ryse was initially announced two years ago at E3 2011, and gamers have since been wondering what happened to the game and if it had been quietly canceled, since we haven't heard from Crytek about it in a while. However, that's no longer the case.

Ryse takes place in ancient Rome and the player plays a Roman solider who is controlled using the Kinect rather than the gamepad. Players use gesture-based attacks in order to defeat opponents. You can swing a sword, block attacks, and even kick. We're not sure the game will be controlled entirely with the Kinect, or if you'll need the controller for some parts, but the website says it will be "controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect." Either way, you'll definitely be on your feet for most of the game.

We're not sure why Ryse never made it to the Xbox 360, but it could be because the Kinect sensor lacked the technology that Crytek wanted to use in order to make different gesture-based attacks realistic. With the improved Kinect sensor on the Xbox One, it seems Crytek is ready to bring the game to prime time.

The release date for the game hasn't been disclosed, but we're guessing we'll see it hit store shelves in time for the holiday season, possibly even launching alongside the Xbox One. The game will be one of the many titles that Microsoft plans to publish to the Xbox One, as confirmed yesterday by the company during the console's reveal event.

VIA: Eurogamer

SOURCE: Crytek