Crysis Warhead to play well even on budget PCs

When Crysis was released, it raised the bar for gaming graphics on a PC. Of course this also made it the tool which gamers used to measure their PC's performance. I'd venture to guess that most gamers still can't play the game on anything better than medium, which means that many people are wondering how Crysis Warhead will play.

As it turns out, the guys at Crytek are assuring us that even gamers on a budget PC will be able to play their upcoming title. They went as far as mentioning a system running around $620 should expect to be able to play at around 30-35fps.

I know that I can't be the only excited to hear about this change of pace. I upgrade my PC fairly regularly with decent components, but it's always disappointing when a new game hits the streets and I have to bump the settings down to medium or low just to make it play smooth.

[via Game|Life]