Crysis Warhead details revealed

So the great mystery has finally been solved. What is Crysis Warhead? It is a "parallel story" to the original game which puts you in the role of "Psycho". You'll essentially be playing during the events of Crysis, only this time you'll be in his shoes.

According to Crytek president and CEO Cevat Yerli, they are looking to raise the bar which was set by Crysis. "With Warhead, we are focusing on refining our storytelling and game performance, while also delivering more of the visually stunning graphics and immersive, free-roaming gameplay everyone loved in Crysis."

This is all good and well, but I'm still waiting for a good reason for halting all further patches on the original game. It seems to me that their reason is "forget the old game, buy the new one." Look for it on the PC sometime this fall.

[via Joystiq]