Crysis Remastered release date revealed for Xbox One, PS4, PC

Crysis Remastered has had something of a tumultuous existence thus far. The game was first confirmed back in April, though just a few days before Crytek was set to officially unveil it, a leaked trailer left many gamers feeling unimpressed. Seeing that reaction, Crytek decided to delay Crysis Remastered for all platforms but the Switch, meaning that the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of the game were all pushed back to an undisclosed date.

Today Crytek remedied that, announcing that the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC release will be landing on September 18th, 2020. In addition, Crytek shared a tech trailer that takes us through some of the improvements that have been made to the game so it actually deserves that "remastered" designation.

The tech trailer is a brief one, but during it, we catch glimpses of Crysis Remastered's updated assets and lighting engine. There's also a big focus on ray tracing, as we get a look at ray traced water and ground reflections. In addition, we get confirmation of 8K textures, but since the video quality maxes out at 4K, we don't actually get to see them for ourselves.

The trailer also confirms that Crysis Remastered will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, so Steam users will have to sit this launch out – at least at first. There's no indication if this is a timed exclusive or a permanent one, but regardless, if you're looking to play Crysis Remastered on PC on day one, then the Epic Games Store is where you need to go.

Crysis Remastered will run $29.99 on all platforms. Now that it has a solid release date, we'll likely see more trailers and screenshots coming out of Crytek, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for those.