Cryo Octane workstation breaks benchmark records

Cryo has announced that its awesome Octane EDP-WS has shattered the world record for performance on a common benchmark for workstation performance. The Octane has 12 physical cores supporting up to 24 threads and can be crammed full of up to 48GB of memory. The processors can be overclocked to 4.5GHz and the works uses custom liquid cooling.

One of the key features that allows the Octane to perform so well is the Cryo Boost Triple overclocking performance-enhancing process and technology. All of the high-end hardware is nestled inside a really cool aluminum chassis. The machine was used recently to break some benchmarking records on the SPEC CPU2006 benchmark.

The machine set a new record for dual CPU workstations with the CINT2006 speed rating on integer of 54.7/51.4, the CFP2006 speed of 73.2/69.3 on floating point, and integer peak CINT2006 rate of 504. Those scores are all well over the previous record holder scores.