CROSS Peerless TrackR is the world's first trackable ink pen

A.T. Cross Company, the business behind the CROSS writing instrument brand, has teamed up with TrackR to launch what it says is the world's first trackable ink pen. The CROSS Peerless TrackR utilize's Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile app to enable owners to keep track of their pen using a smartphone. The system include's TrackR's Crowd Locate tech to help search for the pen if it is lost, among other things.

For those unfamiliar, TrackR makes products that enable users to keep track of their items, including its small round tracking device that emits an audible alarm and works with the company's tracking app. Anyone familiar with that product will find the Peerless TrackR ballpoint pen works in a very similar manner.

The pen has a 100ft Bluetooth range and pairs with the owner's smartphone. If the owner accidentally leaves the pen behind, the system can give an alert to remind the owner to pick it up. If the pen is lost, it can be tracked using the smartphone, which will direct the owner to its last known location. The reverse is also true — owners who lose their smartphone can find their phone by tapping a button on the pen. This, says CROSS, even works in silent mode.

The tracking technology aside, the pen itself looks like any other sophisticated, business-savvy writing instrument; you'd be unaware that it is a smart pen unless you saw it in action. The writing instrument features a length a bit over five-and-a-half inches and a weight of 1.5oz. Both Quartz Blue and Carbon Black styles are available, each with a swivel-action propel feature and medium-sized ballpoint.

Both the black and blue models are available from CROSS now for $250 USD.