Cross MP3 Player - What would Jesus buy?

I'm by no means a religious fanatic. I have my beliefs, but I'm not one to go parading them around, or trying to force them upon others. If you're one that enjoys wearing pendants that show off your beliefs, that's cool, but wouldn't it be better if they served another function?

For those of you that like to wear a cross around your neck, why not get one that can play MP3s as well? You know that's the way Jesus would have wanted it. We don't know a ton about this little guy, though it does run for 10 hours off of a single AAA-battery and plays MP3, WMA, ASF and WAV files.

Don't rush off to your favorite Christian bookstore for one of these. They are currently only selling them in bulk, however, if you're interested in ordering a ton of them, be my guest.

The sound of faith: cross MP3-player [via coolestgadgets]