Criterion's first 4K UHD movie lineup will include six renowned classics

Criterion released the classic movie titles that will be included in its first batch of 4K Ultra HD movies. Each movie will be made available with a Blu-ray in a combo pack, according to the company, which notes that it will include special features with these upcoming movie releases.

The new Criterion movie releases will give film fans their first chance to see these classic titles in 4K Ultra HD resolution, offering a level of detail and sharpness that far exceeds their original premieres and subsequent releases. The six titles that will be released are:

- Citizen Kane

- Menace II Society

- The Piano

- Mulholland Dr.

- The Red Shoes

- A Hard Day's Night

Criterion has a long history of movie releases and, as it noted in its announcement, Citizen Kane was the first movie it released as a laser disc nearly four decades ago. This will be the first time the movie debuts as a 4K title, marking another milestone for the masterpiece.

The movies will be made available in combo Blu-ray/4K UHD releases. The feature films will include special features, but Criterion hasn't detailed those, instead saying it will be back with more details in November. The company did reveal, however, that some of its 4K titles will include Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR.