Cricket customers to score Deezer music service on Jan 31

Deezer has been increasing its push into the US market, and among it comes a fairly big deal with Cricket Wireless, which will be the exclusive wireless provider of Deezer for mobile users (in the US). Thus far Cricket users have been left with lesser-known Muve Music, which has never been a terribly appealing service and, with Deezer inbound, is facing it final weeks of operation. On February 7, Muve Music will be discontinued, with its users being offered a Deezer trial as an alternative.

The trial will be both extended and free for Cricket customers who have switched over to the carrier's new GSM network; existing music libraries/playlists will also be transferable, as well, to make the change as gentle as possible. This will ultimately give Muve users a one-week buffer period between Deezer's arrival and Muve's exit.

Deezer currently boasts about 16 million users across its global service, and it offers 35 or so million songs and many thousands of online radio stations. The move comes shortly after Cricket revamped its network with faster speeds.

The trial (for those on Cricket's LTE network) will give customers at least 15 days of access, after which point a subscription will run you $6 per month, uncutting some of the other big-name alternatives like Spotify. Not familiar with Deezer's other recent efforts? Check out the timeline below!

SOURCE: Cricket