Cree lights up first LED highway project in China with more than a million LEDs

CREE makes a bunch of different LED lighting products. LEDs are starting to go more mainstream today as a green replacement for traditional bulbs. The upside to the LED is that it needs less power than a traditional incandescent bulb and lasts much longer. The downside is that the LED lights are still much more expensive than others forms of green lighting and traditional bulbs.

CREE has announced that it has been part of the first LED lighting project in China. The project saw more than a million CREE LEDs placed along highways that total over 10,000 streetlights. The CREE LEDs were used along nearly 75 miles of roads. The lights were installed along four different highways and inside one tunnel.

The lighting was installed by Kingsun Optoelectronic Co. Ltd, a lighting company in China. The lights installed were 270W and 300W Apollo LED luminaries. The new lighting is expected to save 60% in electricity costs.