Creative ZEN X-Fi3 media player is packed with cool features for under $100

Creative has trotted out its latest media player today and the little thing is pretty cool looking. The player is called the ZEN X-Fi3 media player and it has a 2-inch screen and measures 65 x 45.5 x 12.5mm. The little player has a microSD card slot to add more music and video when you get low on internal storage. The player uses the X-Fi Crystallizer to make your tunes sound better.

The X-Fi Crystallizer promises to restore the fidelity that is lost when music is ripped to CDs automatically. The player also has X-Fi Expand that helps to make the sound appear to be coming from full speakers farther away from you when you use headphones. A wide range of audio files is supported including FLAC and other formats like MP3, WMA, and Audible 4. Itunes Plus AAC files are also supported.

The microSD card slot will store up to 32GB more tunes and video than the onboard storage. The player also has video out when used with an optional AV cable. The 2-inch screen has 262k colors and the player comes with 8GB or 16GB of storage. It supports common video formats with WMV9, MPEG4-SP, and AVI (DivX4/5, XviD). Other features include a mic for voice recording, FM tuner, integrated speakers, and Bluetooth 2.1. The player is good for 20 hours of audio per charge and five hours of video. The 8GB version is $99.99 and the 16GB version is $139.99.