Creative Zen Moo MP3 Players are cow-tastic

In case you're on the hunt for a totally unique MP3 player, then you might want to consider the Creative Zen Moo MP3 Player. Yes, you read that right. These little MP3 players are designed in the shape of a cow and are feature-filled.

You have two options when it comes to the Zen Moo MP3 Players. There's the Moo and the Moo Plus. That's not even a joke. Both styles come in four different colors: pink, red, white and yellow. The Moo Plus, however, sports a few extra features like an integrated speaker, FM radio, voice recorder and OLED screen. It also has a game built-in that you can control by means of the cow's horns.

The Moo model, on the other hand, just plays back music. Both, however, are equipped with 2GB and support both WMA and MP3 formats. Unfortunately, the Creative Zen Moo MP3 Players will not be available in the US or any of the western world, for that matter, though you will be able to get it in China.