Creative Videophone cat let out the bag by FCC

Check out this Skype phone on crack! Lets start with the cell-phone like keypad, the 7" screen, the integrated 2-hour battery, and the webcam with a 76 degree viewing angle. Oh yeah, did I mention it has dual mics to make sure whatever you say comes in clearly?

Sure it might be slightly outdated since there are now several cell-phones that can do this, but it could still be successful at the right price point. For connectivity you get your choice of 802.11b/g wifi or Ethernet.

Also, you can plug it into a TV, which if you do that, ups the battery life to closer to 5 hours. The video streaming is done in H.264 format and is supported by SIP. It's just an IP based video conferencing device, nothing else, but it's still pretty cool. No word on release date or price either.

Creative's Videophone leaked by Uncle Sam [via engadget]