Creative launches SDK for X-Fi 2, free for developers

In an obvious effort to challenge the rapidly growing app stores of competitors (okay, Apple), Creative has released a SDK for the Creative Zen X-Fi 2, which they're calling the "Application Development Kit", or ADK, complete with simulator, coding guide, and API reference.

The Lua-based development kit permits users to not only concoct and draft up applications for the X-Fi 2 platform, but also to completely customize it. Unlike the iPhone App Store Developer Program which requires a hefty fee to create apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch, the ADK from Creative emerges as an absolutely free of charge kit.

Creative's unreleased Zii Egg digital media player of late should be out by now, and if Creative wants developers to take full advantage of their ADK, perhaps the sleek Zii Egg should be the one receiving some kind of SDK instead.