Crayon Physics Deluxe, Splice, and Swords of Sworcery added to Humble Bundle

In typical fashion, the latest Humble Bundle tacked on a few more games after the bundle's initial launch a few days ago. Humble Bundle with Android 5 now includes Crayon Physics Deluxe, Splice, and Swords of Sworcery EP, as well as each game's respective soundtracks. All of the games are DRM-free and come with Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.

However, those who already purchased the latest Humble Bundle also have access to the new games now, and they can be found on the download page where you accessed the original games that you bought. If you haven't yet bought this Humble Bundle, there's still time to take advantage of it, and you'll get all nine games if you pay above the average contribution, which is now $6.66.

That's not a bad price to pay considering that everything included in the bundle would cost $170 total if you paid full price for everything. If you pay at least $1, you'll open up Steam access to the games on top of the DRM-free direct download links. From there you can access Steam leaderboards and achievements.

Currently, the Humble Bundle with Android 5 has raised over $1 million from more than 150,000 people. The highest contribution was from WrapBootStrap (a company that specializes in premium Twitter themes), who donated $1,256 to the fundraiser. We're not sure how much money has gone to charity so far, but we're guessing a large amount of it will see that fate.