Craigslist finally launches mobile app and catches up to 2008

In the Digital Age, services often evolve at a pretty fast rate. That isn't true for Craigslist though, which has kept its simple interface for years and years. We're seeing Craigslist begin to modernize a little bit, as it now finally has an official mobile app available on both iOS and Android.

Don't check your calendar – we are indeed in 2019. Needless to say, Craigslist is joining the party a little late here. While many companies started rolling out their own official apps more than a decade ago, Craigslist never has, so the appearance of this official app is surprising to say the least.

There's no telling what prompted Cragislist to finally give in and make a mobile app of its own, but it could be because the company has faced some stiff competition in recent years. Facebook Marketplace seems to be chasing Craigslist's audience rather successfully, so a desire to stay relevant may have been behind this decision.

Then again, it could simply come down to the fact that Craigslist realized there was a segment of the market it wasn't serving. Many people use their phones as their primary internet device these days, and navigating a website like Craigslist in a phone browser isn't exactly elegant. A number of third-party apps have cropped up to fill the void, so maybe Craigslist finally decided that it was time to offer an official app and fill the gap itself.

Whatever the reason, you can find the Craigslist mobile app today on the iOS App Store [download] and the Google Play Store [download]. The Android app is in beta for the time being (which means you'll need to sign up as a tester before you can download it), with no word on when it may enter into full release.