Craftsman AssureLink DC Chain Drive Garage Door opener links to smartphone app

I remember back when I was a kid my dad always parked his car in the garage and I was always the one that had to get out and open the door rain or shine. Thankfully we all have garage door openers today. The thing that bothers me is every now and again my garage door opener decides to randomly not close when I push the clicker.

I come home and find it standing open and it irritates me. If you worry about that Craftsman has a new garage door opener that interfaces with a smartphone app that will tell you from anywhere you can get a web connection your phone if the door is open or not. You can also open or close the door using the app.

I wish that Craftsman went one-step further and put Bluetooth on the door opener and used the smartphone connectivity to open the door when it sensed the car within a few feet. That way I could ditch my clicker on the visor that always hits my hat when I drive. The opener also has a backup battery that can open and close the door through 20 cycles when the power is out. The opener is available now for $329.99. You need a WiFi connection for the open to access the web and after a year you have to pay for the remote access to the opener.