Cox Contour app lands for Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2/3 and Note

Cox Communications is one of the largest cable providers in the US. The company has an interesting application that works along with its DVR that features the Contour Guide and the only DVR that can record six shows at the same time. Cox originally launched the Contour app for iPad users.

Cox has now rolled out the application for users of Android-powered tablets. The app is compatible only with specific tablets at this time. Compatible tablets include the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab 3, and Note tablets.

The application is designed to provide users with a video experience shaped to their interests and preferences. The user can create a playlist of their favorite content that can be accessed wherever they are. The app has a second screen experience supporting live and on demand content. It offers access to 100 national cable channels for TV.

The app also gives access to over 6000 on demand movies and shows. The Contour guide recognizes up to eight user profiles and recommends different shows for each user. The DVR has 2 TB of storage supporting up to 300 hours of HD shows and 1000 hours of SD shows. The DVR is a whole home unit allowing recorded shows to be played back on any connected TV.