Cowon X7 DAP/PMP gets official in Korea

Shane McGlaun - Oct 8, 2010, 4:50am CDT
Cowon X7 DAP/PMP gets official in Korea

Cowon has gone official in Korea with its latest PMP that looks more like a smartphone than a traditional PMP I am used to seeing called the X7. The thing has a 4.3-inch screen with no word on what the exact resolution of the thing is. It should make for some nice mobile video playback assuming the screen is decent.

The X7 can be had in 80GB, 102GB, and 160GB flavors with that capacity reached using a spinning HDD, not flash. I would assume these would be more fragile thanks to that point than other PMPs with flash-based storage.

Other features of the X7 include Bluetooth, a radio tuner, video playback with DivX support. The PMP also has TV-out capability and has a web browser. There is no mention of WiFi officially apparently, but a browser without WiFi makes little sense. The X7 will also sport a RSS reader. The X7 standard with 160GB of storage will be 339,000 won with the same PMP packing in seven optional dictionaries is selling for 379,000 won.

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