Court in Spain Rules It's Legal to Own, Advertise, and Sell Jailbroken PlayStation 3s in Spain

The story of jailbreaking a PlayStation 3 home console from Sony is a pretty tumultuous one. It's been a roller coaster of being able to jailbreak the console, to not being able to, to some judges around the world permanently banning devices that helped owners get the job done. But now, it looks like if you want to be free to own, sell, or advertise about a jailbroken PS3, you just need to head to Spain, where it's been made perfectly legal to do all of that.

Very recently, a court in Barcelona decided that, despite what Sony may believe, there should be no reason why owners of the PlayStation 3 shouldn't be able to jailbreak their consoles. Of course, they went one further than some may have imagined, and subsequently made it legal for people to advertise their consoles, and even sell them in that state. What's worse, though, is that Sony will now be forced to pay the legal fees for all those retailers that Sony targeted during this whole fiasco, all the way up to this legal decision.

However, Sony may have some wiggle room left. They do have two days to appeal the decision, which will more than likely happen. That doesn't necessarily mean that the ruling will be overturned, but it does give Sony a good shot at making it happen. So, for the time being, if you need to flaunt your jailbroken PS3, or need to buy one legally, make a quick trip to Spain.

[via CrunchGear]