Could this be the Apple UMPC we've been waiting for?

The guys over at Textura Design got to spend some time with Mark Parker, Chief Evangelist from Intel's Mobility Group. He just happened to be showing off the new IUMPC 2008 that we showed you yesterday. It turns out, this platform may be exactly what Apple has been waiting for to get into the UMPC market.[youtube]]He showed the UMPC prototype off running Windows XP and described it as a fully-functional PC. The screen is a touchscreen that can be used with or without a stylus which will make it easy to just whip out and use. You'll see integrated Wi-Fi and eventually WiMAX. When it makes it's debut he said to expect 4-6 hours of battery life.He then mentioned that it is entirely possible for it to run Mac OS X on the machine. It's funny, when they asked him if OS X could run on it he started to say 'absolutely,' but then stopped and then agreed with them that it might be possible. Maybe he knows something that we don't?I'm sure that Apple has been closely watching what Intel is bringing to the UMPC world. People have been discussing the possibility of a UMPC from Apple for some time now. I think this is what Apple has been waiting for.Blogging Beijing: Intel UMPC Prototype [via textura]