Cotton Balls, DC motors, and cardboard boxes make art

My daughter is in kindergarten and she is always bringing home some sort of art project she made at school. The last one was a chick made from cotton balls that were pulled apart to make the little chick look fuzzy. That is the only art I think of when you say cotton balls are involved. An artist called Zimoun that is known for using cardboard and DC motors to create sound and art installations has used those materials with some cotton balls attached to create the latest installation.

The installation is on display at Lydgalleriet in Bergen, Norway, will be on display through June 5, and has 138 prepared DC motors. Each of those DC motors has what appears to be a wire arm running from it and the wire is crammed inside a cotton ball on the opposite end. The installation is huge and looks like a curved wall of cubbyholes made of cardboard boxes. It's interesting to see all the motors moving about with the white cotton balls dancing around.

The balls in the video close ups look more like ping-pong balls to me. The sound it makes would probably drive you crazy after a while. I feel bad for the museum workers that have to be around the installation all day. I wonder how long it took the artist to create and set up the whole thing. It looks very complex. The upside to working in cardboard is that the material is recyclable.

[via Design-Milk]