"Cosmo the God" hacker takes over another Westboro Twitter account

The 15-year-old hacker who goes by the name of Cosmo and Cosmo the God was sentenced to probation in November for his part in a variety of large hacking incidents that happened throughout the year. That hasn't stopped him, however, with the hacker targeting the Westboro Baptist Church's members and picking their Twitter accounts off one by one. His current target? Fred Phelps Jr.

Cosmo and his Underground Nazi (UG Nazi) hacking group went after Shirley Phelps a few days ago, successfully taking over her Twitter account. Cosmo switched out her profile image with one proclaiming his victory and pointing to the UG Nazi website, which has been seized by the FBI and bears FBI emblems. He is also reported to have hacked her DVR and filled it with gay porn, followed by cancelling her Internet service.

Now the hacker went after Fred Phelps, Jr., who's Twitter account he successfully took over. The account has now been suspended by Twitter, just as Shirley's was, and will presumably be back up and under Fred's control tomorrow. All this started when WBC proclaimed that it would picket in Newtown in regards to the school shooting that took place.

Cosmo and UG Nazi isn't the only hacker(s) targeting Westboro, however, with Anonymous also going after them. We reported yesterday that Twitter had temporarily suspended one of Anonymous's Twitter accounts because it had allegedly posted personal information about Shirley Phelps. Twitter is alight with tweets supporting Anonymous and Cosmo in its/his actions.

[via Wired]