Corsair unveils Hydro Series H70 Core liquid cooling system for CPUs

Corsair announced a few new liquid cooling systems this week and one of the new offerings is the Hydro Series H70 Core CPU cooler. This is one of the small radiator devices that only cools the CPU and has a self-contained system that needs no maintenance. The difference in the Core system and the other H70 device is that the Core version has no fan for the radiator allowing the user to buy the fan based on their needs.

The H70 is ready to install right out of the box with the thermal compound already applied to the CPU heatsink. The tubing is made to be kink free and has a radiator that is double thick for more performance. The radiator is made from aluminum and is a single 120mm unit.

The tubing used is pre-connected and is low-permeability so the user never has to refill the system. The device does need a pair of 120mm fans. The H70 is also made to allow the use with multiple CPU sockets including common AMD and Intel sockets.