Corsair debuts HS1 USB gaming headset

When I think of the name Corsair computer memory and liquid cooling gear comes to mind. Corsair also has a ton of flash drives that are available for a myriad of uses from basic storage to secure and rugged offerings. Corsair has added a new gaming headset to its line today.

The new headset is called the HS1 USB Gaming Headset. The headset connects to the PC and gets its power from a single USB port. It has 50mm drivers for accurate sound and good low frequency sound effects. That means it promises good bass.

The headset has soft fabric covered ear cups for comfort that have memory foam under the fabric cover. The headphones also have simulated 7.1 surround sound effects. The ear cups have closed backs for noise isolation and the ear pads can be replaced if needed. Pricing is unknown at this time.