Corsair and Cherry to release silent mechanical keyboard

The interest in mechanical keyboards among PC gamers and serious typists isn't going anywhere, but what's a user to do when they want the tactile feedback that mechanical switches provide, but don't like the loud click-clack sounds they make? Well, keyboard maker Corsair and switch maker Cherry have come up with a solution: a mechanical keyboard that features completely silent switches. This October will see the release of the Corsair Strafe RGB Silent, priced at $160, featuring the new switches and support for LED backlighting.

Cherry's new switch, dubbed the RGB Silent, has eliminated the near typewriter-level of sound that usually comes from mechanical keyboards. The linear mechanical switches are based on Cherry's MX Red, a switch that was already quieter than most competitors, but use a new patent pending technology for noise reduction.

The Strafe RGB Silent keyboard will be the first launch with Cherry's new switches, but Corsair says it will also offer a version with normal, noise-making switches that will cost $150. The switches will either be the MX Red or the MX Brown, with the latter being a bit louder than the former.

There's no word yet if the RGB Silent switches will make their way into more Corsair keyboards, but if they turn out to be a popular seller it seems likely. Now users will have a real option when they want that tactile feedback, but don't to drive others who work nearby crazy with noise.