Cornobi (Wan): The picnic's only hope

I bet when the Jedi have their annual picnic each year, this is the corncob holder that they use. This thing is really cool, yet weird at the same time. I almost had a stroke trying to figure out how to meld Star Wars jokes and Beavis and Butthead references into one post. You truly would be the Great Cornholio with one of these. This is a concept product from Shed Samovar and it should be made.

We used to have fights when I was a kid over who got to use the corncob holders at my house shaped like corncobs. I can't imagine the fights the Cornobi would have caused. The only downside is that it only puts a handle on one side of the cob. Typically, you need a handle on each side to get a good grip. You will have to eat this thing like an ice cream cone.

The top of the lightsaber has three prongs that stab into the corncob to keep it steady. This might be only marginally useful, but I would so buy it. It would look great in the drawer next to my Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter. Check out the parody video as bizarre as the Cornobi below.

[via Craziestgadgets]